Santa with Wreath & Bell by Bethany Lowe


This is a Christmas season pre-order and is expected to ship in July/August, 2024.

Introducing a festive masterpiece by Michelle Lauritsen - a charming Little Santa dedicated to spreading holiday cheer! This delightful figure is adorned with a silver tinsel wreath, adding a touch of festive elegance. In his grasp, he clutches a joyful jingle bell, capturing the merry spirit of the season. Michelle Lauritsen's attention to detail and festive design make this Little Santa a heartwarming addition to your holiday decor, bringing a sense of merriment and joy to your seasonal display. Embrace the holiday spirit with this delightful creation that radiates the magic of Christmas festivities.

Product Details

  • Materials: Hand-painted resin, chenille, batting, tinsel, bell, and glitter.
  • Dimensions: 1.75" X 1.5" X 3.75"
  • Case Pack: 48