Lock Shock & Barrel


Together in a tub, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, caw and cackle this holiday. With balloons, candy, and a trick-or-treat bag, the trio prepares for a Halloween of spooky shenanigans. Reimagined by Miss Mindy this ghoulish group has never looked cuter.

  • Designed in the US by L.A. based folk artist Miss Mindy
  • Hand crafted in Resin and hand painted by skilled artisans
  • Presented in color packaging
  • Collect the entire World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney Collection

Product Details

  • Product Type: Figurine
  • Material: Resin, Stone Powder
  • Packaging: 1 EA Gift Box
  • Measurements: 7.09in H x 3.74in W x 6.81in L Wt. 1.42 lbs
  • UPC Code: 028399280803