Lipstick & Chrome Blind Box 4 for $59

$59.00 $115.00

Ready to work on your brooch collection quick?

Jump on one of our Blind Boxes and get a happy selection of brooches for yourself, or pieces you can share or swap with friends!

Choose our Lipstick & Chrome Blind Box and get 4 random Lipstick & Chrome brooch for just $59! There will no duplicates in this blind box, but there could be fabulous holiday designs! 

*Approximate retail value $120. 

Blind Boxes are available strictly while stocks last - these designs are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged. Due to the popularity of our blind boxes, we cannot take requests for inclusions or exclusions. 

Int'l shipping is $10 extra per order.

*Additional Discounts or Coupons will not be honored on this product- is one slips through at check out, we may reach out.