Alabama, University of Collegiate Hand-Embroidered Pillow


This original design celebrates the University of Alabama! Go Crimson Tide! 

This pillow is embroidered on a light tea-color cotton cover that zips off for cleaning. Accented with black piping.


* UA is one of only eight universities in the nation that has a men's and women's wheelchair basketball program. 
* Hoole Library has a rare books collection featuring significant documents describing the travel and exploration of early America. The earliest print is a rubricated copy of the Missale Romanum, printed in Venice, which dates to the late 15th century. 
* The legendary coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant, once said that he would "croak in a week" if he were ever to stop coaching. Bryant passed away only twenty seven days after his final game. 
* Legendary coach, Paul Bryant, earned the nickname "Bear" after wrestling a bear at the carnival. He did so to impress a girl and for the winnings (the carnival was to pay him one dollar per minute). Bryant was not given the winnings and sustained a bite to the ear from the wrestling. 
* The story goes that "Crimson Tide" was a nickname made popular by Zipp Newman following an Alabama vs. Auburn game where the teams played in a 'sea' of red mud. In addition "Roll Tide" is so called because the vision of the Alabama team running onto the field resembles a tide rolling in. 
* The Million Dollar Band apparently got its name from W.C. "Champ" Pickens in 1922. The band set a goal to raise enough money to purchase a new sleeper coach. The fundraising efforts were a success. "Champ" was so impressed that he dubbed the group the "Million Dollar Band." 
* The University of Alabama is referred to as "The Capstone" by friends of the University and alumni. The term was coined by a former UA President G.H. Denny.


*16" x 20" 

*100% cotton 
*Poly form included
*Zip closure
*Dry clean only
*Made in Thailand

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