Bird of Paradise Brooch

Introducing the mesmerizing bird of paradise flowers, delicately crafted to add an enchanting touch to your attire. These exquisite blooms are more than just a fashion accessory; they hold a sentimental significance close to my heart. Inspired by my beloved grandmother's most cherished flower, these masterpieces blend elegance with a hint of nostalgia. Embrace a subtle yet undeniably passionate connection with nature as you don these stunning adornments. Step into a world where emotions and beauty intertwine, and allow these blooms to weave a tale of love and admiration. Dimensions: 87mm x 69mm How about making a statement with this fabulous brooch inspired by an adventurous spirit? It's an absolute delight, crafted with love using a combination of materials. And guess what? It's mounted on a surgical steel locking clasp for complete security when you're rocking it out and about. This brooc