Anatomical Hearts Collection - Cottagecore Aesthetic Enchanted Forest Acrylic Brooch by Makokot Design


Product Details

  • Handmade item
  • Length: 8 Centimeters; Width: 5 Centimeters
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Style: Celtic
  • Made to Order

This brooch was created using dark blue glitter acrylic for the sky, marble blue for the river and mirror green for the trees. Please keep in mind that the color of the marble sheets is not homogeneous, therefore the nuances could be slightly different from those in the images, because it depends on the point of the sheet where the pieces are cut.

All the brooches have the same size.


Acrylic is a fairly delicate material and can scratch easily. Please, use only a microfiber cloth to clean it (like the one used for eyeglass lenses) and keep your jewels away from heat sources and chemical substances (glue - hairspray - perfume) as they can create stains on the surface of your jewel which cannot be removed.

Each piece is laser cut and assembled by us. We do not mass produce, each of our jewels is limited to a certain number of pieces. All our jewels are handmade, therefore they can have small imperfections or differences in each jewel.