Tabby Bucket© Halloween Decor by Jorge de Rojas

Tabby Bucket© Halloween Decor by Jorge de Rojas

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Delight in the enchanting beauty of Tabby Bucket© by Lori Mitchell, a charming sculpture that adds a touch of whimsy to your decor. Designed by the esteemed artist Jorge de Rojas and crafted from durable poly resin, this 4-inch sculpture captures the playful spirit of its feline subject. Enhance its charm by adding a battery-operated tea light (not included), transforming it into a radiant centerpiece that illuminates your home with warmth and style.

Product Details

  • Design By: Jorge de Rojas for ESC and Company
  • Material:  Poly Resin
  • Size:  4"
  • Add a battery operated tea light (not included) to give this piece an extra glow!

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