Rediscover handmade! Originally opened in 1997 as Kinks, Quirks & Caffeine, our store was an instant hit among locals. It was surely refreshing to have such a FUNky store in the midst of the 'colonialism' of Williamsburg, VA. In its early years, the store was credited in helping Williamsburg obtain the honor of being named a "Top 25 Arts Destination" by American Style Magazine. It was also named "Williamsburg's Best Art Gallery" in its first year of operation. Since then we have gratefully accepted many honors and accolades. We are regularly voted as "Williamsburg's Best" Gift Shop and Art Gallery. Most notably, we have won two NICHE ‘Top Retailer’ Awards.In 2011, we were ‘reborn’ as Quirks of Art and then in 2017, Quirks! when we moved to downtown Williamsburg. Our tiny business continued to blossom over the next few years, with our website expanding and our customer base growing steadily. 

In 2020, with lease renewals and a global pandemic looming, we made the decision to close our physical galleries and move our business online and, eventually, to the Arts District of Richmond, Virginia. We purchased a 140 year old Italianate building at the intersection of W Broad and Adams that we have been in the process of restoring. 
Over the years, we have been so proud to represent such amazing and talented artists... there have been over 1,400 through the years, and we're always on the lookout for more! Though our "little" gallery has continued to expand and evolve, we are still committed to making life more beautiful for everyone we meet.   


Jennifer Raines

Jenn, The Ringmaster &  "Chick-in-Charge"...
Our fabulous leader is a born party girl. She works hard and plays harder. Relentlessly passionate about small business, Jenn has a tendency to make everything she touches more magical, more colorful, and way more fun! Bouncing between projects, conference calls, writing magazine articles, trade shows, and traveling the world - she likes to keep the adventure going! You'll often find her little buddy Zack tucked safely under her arm. Jenn's always on the prowl for what’s new and fun, of course, sometimes an idea pops up… and she flits away just like that. We're all just trying to keep up.

Kendra, The Odd-ball Sparkle that Keeps Us Straight...

Our trusty Gallery Manager (and an odd-ball among odd-balls) Kendra loves all things glitter, art, and geekery. She is crazy about Quirks and will 'schpeel' your ear off when it comes to one of our artists or her favorite pieces. Who doesn't love to chat ART?! This mom of two boys is known to leap before she looks and take business (and play) very seriously. She loves to travel and speaks 'unicorn' fluently.  (That's a fact.)

Amber, The Doer of the Things...

The newest member of the team, Amber makes things go. She wears lots of hats, literally and figuratively, and when she's not answer your emails and calls or working through shipping, logistics, and computery stuff, she's probably got a tool belt on and somewhere in our 140 year building fixing things. She's a Jill of All Trades who probably has a fix for that. Outside of work, you'll probably find her still "doing the things" with her Lady Love (aka Amazing Wife), kids, and cute-as-pie puppy.  

Zack, Official Mascot - Employee of the Month 
Zack is Jenn's 17-year-old Maltese 'puppy'.  He loves to meet new people and is know to be demanding with his colleagues. He's been coming to work since he was a puppy and considers himself to be a pro.  He's getting a little crusty in his older age, but sometimes still acts like a puppy.  His favorite activity is his annual birthday party.

Quidjit "Squidjiggy"- The Little Ol' Lady 
Quidjit is Kendra's 17 year old Jack Russell / Yorkie mix... but she is in a league all her own. Often running head to head with Zack for Employee of the Month - her favorite activities are being loved on, eating treaties, and visiting the clubhouse with Mom.

Abby "Baby Duck" - Everyone's Best Friend 
Abby is Amber's 6 year old Rotten Shepard, who is spoiled rotten and can't herd anything other than her friends at daycare. She was adopted by her moms in 2019 and is basically the best dog in the world - tied with Zack and Quidjit of course! Her favorite activities are car rides, watching humans eat the foods, and carrying around Ellie (her beloved stuffed Elephant).