Using Afterpay & Paypal's "Pay in 4"

Looking to budget out your purchase Payments? Want to "Shop Now and Pay Later"?

We're happy to offer you the choice of Afterpay and Paypal's "Pay in 4" as payment options at checkout. 


What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a third party payment option that is completely FREE to use. By setting up an Afterpay account, you can shop thousands of websites and pay for your purchase in four interest-free installments, due every two weeks. Your order still ships to you as normal! The girls here at Quirks use Afterpay, and it is an easy way to budget out your purchase payments. Once your Afterpay account is active, you simply choose Afterpay as your payment choice during checkout. CLICK HERE TO VISIT AFTERPAY.  to learn more and set up your account today. 

What is Paypal's "Pay in 4"? 

Though it's been called different things over the years, Paypal's "Pay in 4" still works the same. When you have a Paypal account, and choose Paypal as your payment method at checkout, you'll see "Pay in 4" as an option on Paypal's portal dashboard. This method will split your payment into 4 installments, due every two weeks. It’s interest free and has no impact on your credit score. Click here to visit Paypal's "Pay in 4" webpage. 


I do not see my refund, and I used Afterpay or Paypal's "Pay in 4" for my order. 

Both Afterpay and Paypal are third party payment options, so you will find refunds work differently through each if necessary. You may not see a refund in your bank, or on your bank statement. You may need to log into your Afterpay or Paypal account to see how your refund is reflected. 

For example, if you are issued a partical refund while you are still making payments on your purchase via Afterpay, Afterpay will adjust your future payments to reflect the discounted amount. Please click here for more information from Afterpay's Official website.  

Paypal works similarly, and you can find details regarding your payments, credits and refunds by logging into your Paypal account. Click here to visit Paypal's "Pay in 4" webpage. 

*Please note- once your refund is approved and processed by Quirks, we cannot access your Afterpay or Paypal information or dashboards. Any questions or concerns regarding your refund must be directed to the third party you used at checkout. 


What does it mean to pay through a third party on your website, how does it effect me?

PayPal and Afterpay are both third party payment methods, which basically means that you are paying with your credit card or balance through their portals and not directly entering your credit card to pay a merchant directly. Many people find this a more efficient way to shop online, which is why we are very happy to provide them as options. Like millions of other shoppers, use them personally ourselves. During a normal transaction or refund, you should not notice anything different in your transaction histories or statements when using a third party, though the merchant listed may say "Paypal" instead of "Kinks and Quirks". However, if you choose to use a special program offered through a third party payment method, for example, Paypal's "Pay in 4", a refund might look different and may be tricky to understand until you're used to the process. You will be able to find information about how these parties will handle and present your refunds to you on their websites and through their customer service. Unfortunately - we cannot see if you have used a special service at checkout, and when we approve a refund to your original payment method, cannot control the way in which they present your refund to you. If you have further questions past that point, we will refer you to your third parties customer service.