The Havisham Women's Black Top Hat w/ White Curtsy Band - SIZE LARGE By Head'n Home Hats

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The Havisham Women's Brown Top Hat with White Curtsy Band - SIZE LARGE By Head'n Home Hats

How many moods do you have? Satisfy each one with the Havisham; a lace and leather top hat with enough elegance to turn heads at the dance, while maintaining just the right hint of danger and mystery. In three (or perhaps more) striking color combinations, the Havisham is decked with lace, hand-worked leather, velvet and a curiously beautiful accent piece front and centre. The corseted side panel allows a wonderful glimpse of what lies underneath. Calling attention to oneself is not a character flaw, on the contrary; it is absolutely required - especially when adorned with a majestic piece like the Steampunk Hatter Havisham.


  • Brim: 2"
  • Crown: 5-1/2"
  • Available Colour: Black