Stella and Luna Necklace by LaliBlue x Lipstick & Chrome

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It's time for the adventures of our Star Bound Heroes Stella & her loyal pup Luna! Together Lipstick & Chrome and our darling friend Gemma of Laliblue designed this exclusive limited edition collection! This UFO features rhinestone details and space charms all around!

Here is how it is going to work... we have a collection of these pieces already on their way from Spain, and all first orders placed will ship from this lot until it is depleted. From there we will take pre-orders through the first week of October and Gemma will create this second batch for us to send you. At that point, we will check in with Gemma to see if we still have supplies or time to create and sell a third run. 

*You will know if you're in this third order if the piece is noted "pre-order" when you purchase your Stella & Luna piece. 

We hope you love these designs, we had a lot of fun watching Gemma work her magic! 

Questions? Please shoot us a message at