Slasher - Stars of the Silver Scream Enamel Pin

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Slasher  from the Stars of the Silver SCREAM collection - designed by the amazing Kelly from Kitschy Delish x Lipstick & Chrome. 

Almost 3" of terror - Soft Enamel Pin featuring Chain & with Knife.

We were able to fund and produce these pins through a Kickstarter and your support, so thank you! 

(Fade in from black- the scene - somewhere in Williamsburg, Virginia, where a purple haired girl waves to the seated audience.)

Hello film, kitsch and monster fans! I'm Kendra, the gallery manager at Quirks and The Sideshow Gallery. With my bestie (and gallery owner Jenn) we've started designing our own range of pins and brooches and dubbed our brand "Lipstick and Chrome"! We have a passion for collecting enamel pins and acrylic brooches, so these are our focus. We know we need the support of like minded and passionate friends to help us on our journey and get the wheels turning.  I had the "killer" idea to design a pin collection based on vintage horror movies and pulp classics - you know, that campy stuff! (I'm actually a wimp, so this is as horror as I get.) I reached out to friend Kelly of Kitschy Delish and she helped us whip up these excellent designs. (She is stellar, please check her out on Etsy!) 

So without any further "previews" let's sit down and enjoy the feature presentation.... Lipstick and Chrome Presents STARS OF THE SILVER SCREAM!