The Possum 'Midin' Earrings by Erstwilder


Some say that the Pseudocheirus peregrinus AKA The Ringtail Possum is the most common Possum in Australia, but we prefer to think of them as the most famous. Agile, sweet, and nocturnal by nature, our Possum 'Midin' Earrings know that any time is a good time to be fabulous. These gorgeous and detailed earrings are a part of our long-awaited collaboration with Aboriginal Artist Melanie Hava. With layered resin and featuring hand-finished details, wear these with our Possum 'Midin' Brooch to pay homage to one of Australia's most commonly sighted Marsupials.

35mm x 49mm (H x W)


Equipped with night vision and a tail as good as an extra hand, there's nothing common about me, despite what they may say.