The Kookaburra 'Gunggaga' Earrings by Erstwilder



You won't be very happy in this life if you can't laugh at yourself (or with others). The Kookaburra 'Gunggaga' Earrings are the perfect reminder to not take life too seriously. Featuring stunning hand-finished feather details and perched perfectly on the branch of his favourite tree, these stunning earrings are a part of our long-awaited collaboration with the supremely talented, Aboriginal Artist Melanie Hava. Melanie's incredible art has been taken off canvas and brought to life as layered resin, wearable art, adorn your ears and prepare for the compliments to rain down on you, particularly when worn with The Kookaburra 'Gunggaga' Brooch.

34mm x 62mm (H x W)


Why do I love the bush so much? Because my friends are so hilarious. Why else do you think I'm always laughing!