Stepped and Reversible Design Series Bookcase - Medium Sized


Imagine your books, family photos, pottery, & treasured objects perfectly at home in our Medium Stepped Bookcase. This artful piece excels at displaying your decorative objects while adding a great piece of accent furniture to your home. Made to order in the color of your choice.

Like all of our furniture, we carefully craft your Medium Stepped Bookcase just for you in the color of your choice. Stains are expertly hand wiped, paints are professionally sprayed, and each line of the piece is hand distressed. We protect the finish of your bookcase with an environmentally, industrial strength clear coat for lasting beauty.

The Medium Stepped Bookcase is part of the Dust Design Series. The Design Series cleverly focuses aesthetic design while cutting back on a few of the details that add cost to our furniture. This gives you dust* style and quality at a more affordable price.


  • Size: 64"H x 23"W x 14"D (162cm x 58cm x 36cm)
  • Piece No.: DS8045
  • Release Date: 2012