LAST CALL Pet Cemetery Necklace Lipstick & Chrome BeSPOOK Collection


Our friend and artist Lindsay of BlindBella Jewelry has hand crafted some amazing "BeSPOOK" jewelry pieces using Lipstick & Chrome Brooches as charms!

This Pet Cemetery Necklace, part of our BeSPOOK Collection, features our favorite "Franenweenie" design. - Chain hangs about 10", with the pendant and dangling bone charm adding another4" -  5" in length depending on the piece. We have two of these in stock currently, please expect to see some variation in placement of plastic bones on your chain. 

These spooky pieces are each ONE OF A KIND, no two in our first "BeSPOOK" collection are exactly alike. 

Designs may feature glass or black beads and fittings, stainless steal or metal alloy charms. *Not all components may be nickel free.*