Pattern 03 Oz Vintage Floor Vinyl by Spicher and Company



Pattern 03 Oz Vintage Floor Vinyl by Spicher and Company

Pattern 03 Oz Floor Vinyl will be great choice for your cottage kitchen, under a farmhouse dining table, in front of a slipcovered sofa and also in outdoor settings or in porch.

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Vintage Vinyl® is simple to clean. Dust mop the floor to ensure all loose dirt and/or grit is removed. Wipe down with a damp cloth. For stubborn jobs try diluted hand soap and rinse thoroughly after washing. Do not use dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives, which will wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl. Do not use scrub brushes, or vacuums on Vintage Vinyl® floor cloths as this will damage the floor cloth.

The pattern and color of our floor cloths can considerably affect the appearance of a space. Our patterned floor cloths will help conceal dust and dirt.

Spicher and Company has a distinctive look and feel. Our products are not intended to look new and in fact should more closely resemble a vintage product or found item. All Vintage Vinyl® floor cloths are intentionally distressed. Due to the manufacturing process please expect some variation in colors. Photos can be seen on our website at

Vintage Vinyl® is durable in high traffic areas, but it is not indestructible. Use reasonable caution and care on this product. Do not drag metal or furniture across the surface. Always use caution when wearing high heels. All furniture legs require felt pads with 7/32" thickness. Clean up all spills as soon as they occur. This will prevent staining.

For outdoor use, when installing be sure to anchor your Vintage Vinyl® securely to prevent wind damage. Please note, we only cover manufacturing defects.

If you are installing over stained concrete or treated surfaces, make sure the surface is properly cured before installation, as residual solvents, such as acetone or chemicals might damage the non slip surface.

When your Vintage Vinyl® gets wet due to rain be sure to periodically flip over to dry and prevent mildew. Please note, we do not recommend Vintage Vinyl® for poolside use.

*Due to the manufacturing process please expect some variation in colors. These pieces are custom made to order and are not returnable. Please note: They are meant to have a vintage style and appeal. Please check the image closely and contact us if you would like to request a sample to be sent*

Additional Information

Product Type Floor Vinyl
Collection Pattern
Style Vintage
Material Vinyl
Available Sizes

38" x 53"

52" x 76"

70" x 102"

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36" x 90"

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