LAST CALL Lipstick & Chrome Sample Lucky Dip Brooch Vault Sale

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Here's a fun offering included in our GREAT BIG BROOCH VAULT SALE! The chance to get one Lipstick & Chrome Brooch Sample from our collection. This will be a familiar design, perhaps with a color variation, or embellishment, or sizing difference. Either way, it's fun to say you have a "one of a kind" brooch that no one else has! (Or, perhaps just one other person, sometimes we make them in pairs!) You won't know what you get, but we hope you love it! 

Part of our curated Brooch Vault, if you want this AMAZING and HARD-TO-FIND piece for yourself, you'll need to be quick! Just be the first to purchase. 

*Brooch Vault Items are non-refundable.