GOOD TRY Seconds 4 Piece Brooch Blind Box


If you have purchased a Second's Blind Box from us in 2020-2021 please note that you will probably receive duplicate pieces. Our collection of seconds is pretty small right now... which is great for us! We'll note when our variety is restocked. 

Ready to work on your brooch collection quick? Are you a perfectionist? (Because perhaps this set isn't for you.) 

But if you're chill, and maybe a tiny crooked piece here, or a little wonky bit there doesn't bother you, then this is the BLIND BOX for you! We have a stash of "Seconds" with minor imperfections and you can get 4 different brooches for JUST $25. This Blind Box may contain brooches from a variety of makers. That's pretty sweet if you ask us! 

Blind Boxes are available strictly while stocks last - these designs are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged. Due to the popularity of our blind boxes, we cannot take requests for inclusions or exclusions. 

Int'l shipping is $10 extra per order.

*Additional Discounts or Coupons will not be honored on this product- is one slips through at check out, we may reach out.