Flue Who's Fireplace Place by Enesco

By Enesco

The homes of Who-ville are known for their eccentric designs, including chimneys which curve at seemingly-impossible angles. The secret to these quirky chimneys lies in the handiwork of the skilled Whos of Flue Who's Fireplace Place.

Product Details

  • Standard Light Cord w/ 120V bulb
  • Lighted Buildings
  • Coordinates With Little Flue Who (Item# 6003321)
  • Meticulously hand crafted and intricately hand painted porcelain
  • Packaging: 1 EA Sleeve Box
  • Material: Porcelain, Resin
  • Measurements: 8.46in H x 7.48in W x 6.97in L Wt. 3.02 lbs
  • UPC Code: 028399137671