Cute Witch Valentines Day Card Wood Cutout by Sawmill Shop


This pre-order is expected to ship in December.

Discover the enchanting "Cute Witch Valentine's Day Card" wood cutout, meticulously crafted by The Sawmill Shop. This exclusive made-to-order wooden masterpiece is your perfect choice for infusing Valentine's Day charm into your indoor decor.

Crafted with love and a dash of nostalgia, this wood cutout pays homage to retro Valentine's Day cards, making it an ideal addition to your holiday decorations. The back and edges are left natural, allowing you to unleash your creativity and paint them in the hues that tickle your fancy.

Embrace the enchantment of Valentine's Day with this playful and versatile wooden cutout!

Dimensions: Approx 10x8 inches

All items made in the USA start to finish.