Artisan Series "Together We Can" Display and Cabinet Storage Unit


Together We Can is a show stopper. This stunning piece is based on the concept of three people working together to reach a lofty goal. In your home, Together We Can will bring color, art, and joy. This special piece will complete a room.

We make Together We Can to order in our studio in Valparaiso, Indiana. Each piece is expertly crafted and joined together. The piece is made from high quality birch veneered panels and solid wood edgings. We finish the piece using a multi-step finishing process that includes hand distressed lines, high-quality enamels, and a protective layer of clear-coat. We use high-quality functional and decorative hardware on Together We Can so the doors and drawers are fully and smoothly functional.

Together We Can can be ordered in any combination of our painted and stained finishes. Please feel free to order color swatches and Vincent is always happy to help with final color choices if you'd like assistance.


  • Size: 84"H x 27"W x 15"D (213cm x 69cm x 38cm)
  • Piece No.: DF1120
  • Released: 2009

Note: An edition of Together We Can was on display at the Indiana State Museum during the "Fearless Furniture" in 2013/2014. Several of the pictures shown are from that exhibition (including the one of Vincent!).