Artisan Series Stacked Sculptural Art Cabinet No.7


Joy, art, and life meet furniture in Stacked Cabinet No.7; the perfect focal piece to complete your space. It's perfect for displaying treasured books or objects while making a statement. The piece itself doesn't take a lot of floor space, but it definitely makes a big impact!

Handcrafted to order in the colors of your choice, we make Stacked Cabinet No.7 just for you.Vincent suggests "Weighting" the piece with the darker, neutral value on the bottom. Please feel free to contact us if you would like help deciding!

We make our furniture using birch plywood and birch hardwood edge moldings. We carefully finish your piece using a multi-step painting process and hand-wiped stains. The finishes are protected with clear-coat for lasting beauty. The door is fully functional and features smooth, high quality hinges. The knob is nickel-plated knob and piece features leveling feet to insure a solid stance when floors are uneven.


  • Size: 75"H x 26"W x 15"D
  • Released: January, 2010
  • Piece No.: DF 1240

Background & design:

Conceptually, Stacked Cabinet No.7 is based on two individual pieces of furniture that are abstracted and stacked on top of each other. The 'S'-shaped flow of the piece draws your eye up from its weightier base and leads it up the open shelving to the top of the piece. The break of shape and color in the middle of the piece creates a dramatic contrast that helps define its unique character.