Art-o-mat - Emily's Cap Creations


This is for one Emily's Cap Creations art piece from our Art-o-Mat. Each piece will vary.

*Don't go around artless!" 

Art-o-mat® machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are over 100 active machines in various locations throughout the country and we have one right here at "The Sideshow"! While you cannot come and visit in person just yet, we do still want to share the Art-o-mat experience with you! Purchase this item (or redeem your Quirks Perks Rewards) and we'll visit our little vending machine and ship you a random piece of original art! (Ask in the comments at check out and we'll even post a video and tag you in our Instagram stories! @kinksandquirks) 

Our Art-o-mat features an ever changing selection of fresh and new art, as there are over 400 contributing artist from all of the world in the Art-o-mat family! You may receive an original painting, small sculpture, piece of jewelry... almost every handcraft you can imagine! It's a great way to start an art collection, support an artist, or just brighten your day with a little "pick-me-up". Did we mention they are "mini" size? Well, they do have to fit in something the size of a vintage cigarette box!  

See that Art-o-mat photo right there? That's our actual machine! It was originally delivered in 1975 to the men's dormitory at Eastern State College... it still have the delivery sticker in the back! 

*Art-o-mat art works are not returnable or exchangeable. You'll receive a random selection from our collection, right inside our Art-o-mat!