Hauptmann Cigar Woah-Botz by Jeremy Wilken

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Hauptmann is crafted with a vintage Hauptmann's cigar tin which you can OPEN and use for secret storage! (Cigars not included.)   ONE OF A KIND! 

25" Tall and about 8" wide. (Small enough you can fight him off during a robot uprising!) 

Created by artist Jeremy Wilken, these whimsical sculptures are made from combining unwanted "junk" into one-of-a-kind designs. 

Coming in all shapes, styles and sizes, you will always be able to find one of our Robots, Spaceships or Rayguns to bring just the right amount of playfullness into your home.

Each Woah-Botz sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with the Name, Number, Date of Creation and Artist Signature.

DISCLAIMER: Woah-Botz are NOT toys! They are made pimarily from metal parts that I cut and drill holes in, so they are bound to have pointy bits that hurt when you poke them. They are NOT functional! Unless you count functioning as a super awesome conversation piece that will toatally make your friends jealous...cause they totally do that! DO NOT EAT! I mean...I feel like I shouldn't have to mention that, but then there's that one freaking guy who took a bath with his hairdryer and now we all have that giant stupid warning tag to deal with. Do NOT get them wet! Not that they will multiply like Gremlins, but just to be safe I wouldn't feed them after midnight either... you know, just in case!

All Woah-Botz are 100% Gluten, Fat and Sugar Free.