Gold Serpent Earrings - Rosita Bonita

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It's party time.

After so many requests over the years since I created the much loved Serpent Necklet (part of the 'She's My Witch' collection), the time has finally come for some Serpents for your ears.

These earrings are big & bold for maximum impact, lightweight for comfort and so very very shiny.

An age-old symbol in jewellery, variously signifying royalty (in ancient Egypt), wisdom, good fortune, good health & healing (ancient Greece), sexuality & temptation (Christianity), & fertility (Vodou), & was imbued with the sentiment of undying, eternal love from the Romans to the Victorians, particularly in circular form as the tail-devouring 'Ouroboros'.

Leather snakes, approx 73mm  x 39mm

Total drop length 98mm