Garden Party Book by Helen Dardik

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Garden Party is a hardback collection of charming sketches and quotes from artist Helen Dardik.

Dardik's pen-and-ink drawings are replicated from her sketchbooks and interspersed with quotes from classic novels such as Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden.

Dardik's illustrations of girl-fairies, flora, and fauna create a magical, dreamy world. Many of her characters are hybrid girl/plant creatures whose friends include a menagerie of cats, dogs, and other critters.

• Her illustrations are predominantly black-and-white, with a limited palette of accent colors.
• Aesthetic feels equal parts vintage Scandinavian modern folk art and Japanese Kawaii culture,
• Girl-powered and nature themed

This is a charming, girl-centric book that is perfect for all occasions, whether it's a graduation or Mother's Day or simply for yourself.

The book's design is also a delight—it looks and feels like an actual sketchbook.