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RETIRED "Flow Of Life" Spiritile by Houston Llew #042

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#042 "Flow Of Life"

Please note: This piece is IMPERFECT - it has 3 small areas of concern...The upper right front corner is a little smooshed, and there is a small spot that is slightly lifted off of the back, and a small popped air bubble.  It's still a GREAT piece that is hard to find.  It has been discounted accordingly. Please see images and message with any questions.


This collection of pieces completed their journey. Some journeys are created, lasting for years at a time, and others only for a short, sweet moment.

Quote: "Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows." - Henry David Thoreau

Production Date: 11.1.2009 - 1.1.2013

Status: Nearly Gone