Filled With Secrets Necklace by Rosita Bonita

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Laura was filled with secrets. Twin Peaks filled with clues; two halves of a broken heart, held together yet kept apart, the owls (are not what they seem), a blue rose  (a message from Gordon's mother's sister's girl), & the menacing, enveloping F I R E.

Made up from layers of coloured leather, individually printed with shiny gold detailing, & gilded edging. The heavy black leather base is printed on the reverse with white chevrons, to evoke the iconic floor of the black lodge; where coded clues are given, & secrets shared.

The chain has a removable section, to allow the necklace to be worn long or short. 

Gold plated brass belcher chain - Short version approx 40cm. Full length chain 57cm. Heart approx 8cm x 7cm.