EXTREMELY RARE Compass Spiritile by Houston Llew

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2009 Exclusive - Release Spiritile by Houston Llew ~ Houston created this tile for a gallery in his first year of business. That gallery has since closed and there were only a small amount ever produced. It's so rare that even Houston doesn't have one! This is a MUST-HAVE for any serious Houston Llew Spiritile collector!


Saying on the sides: "Skilled in the globe, he bravely stands and with his compass measures seas and lands." - John Dryden

Glass on Copper Wall Sculpture Size: 5.25" w. x 8.5" h. x 1.75" d.

Comes in original box with collectors guide. Quote begins on left side and finishes on right- author noted on top.

Made from copper, glass and wood. Can hang on a wall or stand alone, and will never fade or tarnish.

Handmade in the USA



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