"Oh, Darlin' I'm Gonna Love You" Wall Art by Prairie Dance


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Brand new Prairie Dance wall art! Add this beautifully finished piece to your collection. It reads:

"Oh darlin' I'm gonna love you forever,
forever and ever Amen."
Available In Two Finishes:
 Rust Finish (Our signature burnt orange marbled patina finish)
 Brush Finish (A sleek silver tone with organic brush stroke lines) 

Each sign is crafted from steel and hand-finished ensuring a one-of-a-kind finish/pattern. Prairie Dance products are outdoor and Indoor friendly and when needed can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
• 38"W x 24"T x 1"D
Product Details:
• Magnetic Surface
• Built-in hanging mount
• Lightweight, steel construction
• Hand finished, slight variation in colors
• Made at our studio in South Dakota