Batty Betty Halloween Lori Mitchell Collectible Figurine


Whoa, Batty Betty! She really gets high with her bats on hand, and you know that's no lie! This figurine is 8" tall, is made from high quality resin, and is hand painted. Designed by artist Lori Mitchell in her Richmond, VA studio.

We adore the bat details on this statement piece! From the wings on her back, to bats in a row on her pinafore, it is clear Batty Betty loves her creatures of the night! Pair her with Bat Boy Ben and Batty Natty to start your own cozy and cute little colony!

Artist Lori Mitchell ™ was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Lori finds inspiration in old illustrations, children’s tales and anything whimsical. In 1998, she discovered folk art, and fell in love with the charm and nostalgia that this field embraces. Lori creates pieces that take people back to the magical years of childhood. In designing, Lori starts off with an idea, but as she sculpts, the characters begin to define their own personality. Lori is known for her exaggerated proportions and expressions…and every piece must have crazy socks!