Something Spooky (Complete Set) by Lipstick & Chrome x Johanna Parker

$99.95 $145.00

Batty Style

Snag the complete set of our 2022 halloween collaboration with Johanna Parker in one go and save a little money in the process! 

This cute and spooky collection includes: 

Broomhilda (3") - the high flying, "spell-on-wheels" witch we all wish we were friends with!

Lolligagger (2.5") - arguably one of Johanna Parker's most iconic characters this scardey cat is ready for a spooky night out on the town!

Frankenstomp (3") - this charming guy is a ready to trick-or-treat in style!

Stack O'Jacks (3") - a perfect complement to our first release with Johanna Parker in 2020, this cute stack of jack-o-lanterns is here to make your favorite outfit fall ready!

Batty (1.5") - available as a scatter pin or hair clip, this cute little Batty can fly around any Halloween outfit to make it that much cuter! 

Retro Diamond Earrings (1.5") - these drop earrings sport the matching marbled purple resin that you find throughout this collection. Light weight and nickel-free, they are a perfect adornment to finish off your look.