Lime Green Fish Art Glass Sculpture


Colorful rivers of dichroic glass are layered with iridized glass chips and highlighted with gold pen work, mimicking the shimmer of a fishs scales in sunlit water. This fused glass piece is slumped inward, adding depth to its flattened form. Includes metal display stand. Each piece is unique; exact colors and patterns will vary.

Product Dimension: 9"H x 19"W x 3"D

About Designer: Karen Ehart

"I am fascinated with the visual appeal of creating colorful sculpture and useful objects with glass."

Karen Ehart

With an organic, painterly style, Karen Ehart draws her inspiration from nature: sea life, microscopic images, a rock-filled stream bed. The many places she has lived, from the tropics to the desert, have influenced the evolution of her work.

Karen Ehart's work is unique in the sculptural quality of her pieces and the unusual surface design. She spends a great deal of time on the original sculpture and the mold-making process. Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted by the artist.

Karen Ehart was raised in a very creative family with diverse skills where craftsmanship was valued and encouraged. She picked up a glass cutter in 1984 and was ruined for any other work. She has experimented with glass continuously, taking workshops and working for major studios while developing her own technique and design style.