Santa Head w/ Pink Hat Wall Decor by December Diamonds


Introducing our Santa Head with Pink Hat Wall Decor, a whimsical and festive accent to bring holiday cheer to your home! This charming wall decor features Santa's iconic head adorned with a stylish pink hat, adding a playful and modern touch to traditional Christmas decor. The joyful expression on Santa's face is sure to brighten any space.

Perfect for those who appreciate a blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, this Santa Head with Pink Hat Wall Decor is an eye-catching addition to your seasonal display. Hang it on your wall to instantly infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas. Make your space festive and merry with this delightful and stylish Santa wall decor!

This Pink Santa Hat Santa is 26" high. Made of Resin and glittered with wall mount on the back.