New Year's Aperitif Brooch by Lipstick & Chrome


Our 2022, "A New Year's Aperitif" Brooch features a swirly pink elephant toasting the evenings festivities. Perhaps his pals are already on parade... or perhaps he isn't really at the party at all, just a dazzling dream brought on by one too many New Year's cocktails. 

Inspired by an early 20th century motif, and it's celebrated MCM interpretation, our Pink Elephant is a little kitsch and a lot of cute! 

Featuring swirling iridescent resins, this brooch has a lovely shine and sparkle! Measures just 2.5" across. 

Each Lipstick & Chrome piece is handcrafted with laser cut acrylic resin and hand painted. You may find slight variations in the coloring and resin pattern from piece to piece. Our brooches are meant to remind you of the charm and personality of vintage Bakelite, Celluloid or Lucite jewelry. We hope you love them!