Cat Lady Set by Lipstick & Chrome

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They say you don't choose your cat, our cat chooses you, and with that in mind we've created our exclusive "Cat Lady" Lucky Dip pairing! Choose either a "Dapper Darling" or "Golden Doll" brooch, and you'll get a random, one of a kind, vintage inspired Cat Brooch! Designed by Lipstick & Chrome and crafted by our friend Alex of Martini & Slippers, these kitties come in Pink, White or Carmel Colorways. Their eyes can be a shift green or black rhinestone, and they may have iridescent bow or "pearl" collars. 

Each Lipstick & Chrome piece is handcrafted with laser cut acrylic resin and hand painted. You may find slight variations in the coloring and resin pattern from piece to piece. Our brooches are meant to remind you of the charm and personality of vintage Bakelite, Celluloid or Lucite jewelry. We hope you love them! Please allow for variation in our new Kitty Brooches, as embellishments were added free hand. 

*Kitty brooch is not exchangeable or returnable. You can make a request as per the color you would like during checkout, but there are no promises we will be able to honor request. Thanks!