Selfish - Space Edition Game Review

Selfish - Space Edition Game Review

Posted by Brianna on Nov 8th 2018

Hello my fellow unicorns, I’m glad you clicked on this link today because I’m going to let you in on my newest obsession in the gallery. It’s this game right here.... SELFISH - Space Edition

Now upon first inspection I couldn’t tell what to expect from this game. I could see that it was for ages 7 and up. Family friendly? Check. But, does that really mean fun for EVERYONE? It is a card game, is it possibly a family friendly Cards Against Humanity situation? The box declares it's "The Card Gam Where Only The Ruthless Survive." With one game clocking in at a mere fifteen minutes I know a few ruthless people who can help me discover if this game is all it's cracked up to be.

I’m an ADVID game player. My friends and I get together to play games EVERY chance we get. Cards Against Humanity, Charades, Munchkin, Phase 10, SORRY… You name it we play it and if we haven’t yet you bet your bottom dollar we WILL play.

So, when this new game arrived at Quirks I IMMEDIATELY told my crew and scheduled a game night.

Now we all have "that friend" in the group that will read the directions to then explain it to the rest of the group. I am NOT that person, so naturally I gave it to that ONE person who ACTUALLY READS. As they attempted to explain it to us (I mean it really wasn’t that complicated but turns out explaining it in actual words is a little confusing) we came to the conclusion we would just play and go with what happens. And, that's an easy thing to do when you just "do what the card says". 


Another thing to note about my friends, (namely me) is that we’re all furiously competitive (Okay, it’s just me, but they totally encourage it).

The game play is super quick, just like it says on the box, but it’s SO MUCH FUN we ended up playing about five rounds. Sometimes there would be a winner and sometimes we would all die. (Shoot, that's a thing.) Vendettas settled, curses sworn, people ganged up against the one person in the lead… it was BRUTAL! (But, that's what made it so FUN!) 

All in all I highly recommend this to EVERYONE. It’s good for all ages from 7 to 70, but by no means a "children's game". So, you can truly play with friends and your entire family as well. You’ll definitely want this game for all of those holiday gatherings coming up! (You know you want to kick Dad's butt this Thanksgiving!)

Have you played this game yet? Let us know how much you LOVE it down in the comments!

Want to play it? You can purchase it here - or grab one in store while supplies last. This one is sure to sell out quick... because I keep telling everyone who pops by to pick one up! Selfish Game