January Blues brings.... can you guess?

Posted by Brianna on Jan 3rd 2019

Guys the 2018 holiday season was BANANAS, between our two galleries and our best website year ever, the ladies here at Quirks and The Sideshow are POOPED! P-O-O-P-E-D

Photo Credit: Corey Miller Photography

But we’ve got to keep truckin’ through the New Year, because January brings our most FAVORITE event! Know what it is? We’ll give you a hint: Kendra has dyed her hair in celebration this year!

Did you guess right? 

It’s the annual Winter Blues Jazz Fest, put on by our nonprofit CultureFix!

Now if you don’t know about Culturefix yet, it's the brainchild of our chick-in-charge Jenn, who co-founded this organization four years ago. It’s mission is to improve the Greater Williamsburg’s cultural offerings for residents and visitors by enhancing arts infrastructure; developing and promoting the arts and culture industry; and by creating a wide array of arts and cultural events. (That’s a loooooong way of saying MORE MUSIC, MORE ART, more events and opportunities for local creators to work and thrive. More opportunities for locals to enjoy their community and support our small by mighty art and music scene!)

The Winter Blues Jazz Fest, now in it's 5th year, consists of four melodic days filled with… YOU GUESSED IT- musical events! Scattered about our downtown area there is something going on for everyone... if you like a high energy beer fest, we’ve got that, or a chill piano bar, we have that too, or a hopping cocktail party.... do we need to say it again? WE HAVE THAT TOO! 

It all kicks off on Thursday the 17th and dazzles through Sunday the 20th, and if you cannot pick which event you’d like to go to most, why not grab a VIP pass and so you can sample all the events offered! (That's a Jazz Fest Pro Tip if we ever saw one.)


OPENING NIGHT CELEBRATI0N (featuring Sidecar Social Club at The Williamsburg Winery.)

MUSIC & MIXOLOGY (Featuring TONS of cocktails and Good Shot Judy!)

FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER PARTY (late night fun with the Forte Jazz Band)

BARRELHOUSE BASH (all the beer, all the fun, two bands! Slam Allen at one end and Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats at the other. A friendly duel if you will.)

ART OF JAZZ (Featuring piano phenomenon Justin Kauflin)

DYNAMITE DIVAS (Will Kendra make her signing debut? No... no she will not.) 



FESTIVAL CHILL OUT (A free event open to everyone!) 

Check out the Facebook Event Page for details on each event, here’s a quick link!

Tickets sell out every year- so tell your friends, your momma, and your next door neighbor and do not delay in getting yours!

If you’re interested in volunteering or working with Culturefix visit the site by clicking here and consider donating to our new co-sponsored grant- Sparkle for the Arts! Sparkle for the Arts will support local students who struggle financially develop their craft. This might include providing supplies, classes, instruments or the newest software in their chosen field. you name it we’re here to help cover them! So if you too would like to help the next generation of Warhol, Leibowitz, and Mercury’s please consider donating- we match all donations! 

Will you be joining us at Winter Blues Jazz Fest? We'll be there, make sure you say hi... and maybe that you like our fancy outfits too!