Holiday or Everyday - Lori Mitchell makes the MOST adorable decor!

Holiday or Everyday - Lori Mitchell makes the MOST adorable decor!

Posted by Brianna on Sep 29th 2018

If you’re a decorating fiend- PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE THEM LIKE YOU JUST DON’T CARE! If you could see us over here- we would be flailing all over the place. Trust us when we say "WE. LOVE. DÉCOR" We especially love themed decor! It's guaranteed when you step into Quirks or The Sideshow it’s a whimsical experience. One way you can join in the whimsical fun? Add some Lori Mitchell collectible figurines to your home.

These little guys are so adorable. I mean… 

Just look at them…..


And the best part is we Lori creates figurines for each season, holiday and occasion. If you’re looking to step up your Halloween game there’s a figurine..... or twenty.... for that. 

Not too spooky ... but totally TOO CUTE! Group these figurines together on a mantle- or mixed into your floral table arrangements for an extra special touch! (You know, like getting your favorite candy bar in a FULL SIZE version while trick or treating!)

Oh, and we've got Christmas covered....

There is even a Nativity series! 

Looking for something a little more "everyday"? Well - not only are there birthday, storybook, nursery and graduation figurines, there are also characters for each season! Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall - Lori has you covered. These pieces are highly collectible, and make perfect gifts- so be sure to get your favorites early. Popular and new designs are known to sell out well before the holiday countdowns even begin! The Alice in Wonderland set is always a best seller! 

Add a few to your home for a touch of fun, get and entire collection to tell a story, or collect them for friends and family. (Did we mention these are very unique gifts!?)  Remember to keep checking our website and see what's new- or come visit us at Quirks to see them in person! You might just get some display ideas!