Benefit Collection 9 Piece Brooch Collection by Lipstick & Chrome

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*10% of the profits from our "The Main Event" Circus Brooch Collection will benefit both BLACK GIRLS CODE and COLOR OF CHANGE through the end of June. Thank you for helping us do more. (When you buy all 9 together you save, and we'll donate too!)

This set will include -

"All's Shell that End's Shell" Brooch

"Wish you were Air" Brooch

"Enjoy the Ride" Brooch

"All Together Now" Earrings

"Strong as Hell" Brooch

"Step Right Up" Brooch

"The Juggle is Real"

"The Mane Event"

"For Whom the Ball Rolls" 

*The last few weeks have been heart breaking and eye-opening. Even to those of us who have considered ourselves to be allies and supporters of People of Color and their communities, truly seeing how far and deep the injustices go in our country is shocking. Our business is small, but that has never stopped us from trying to make big waves. Jenn and Kendra have been busy writing representatives, police chiefs, and district attorneys, supporting protests, and doing our best to encourage our loved ones and random strangers to start (or continue) to educate themselves about racial injustices in our country - while continuing to educate ourselves. We’ve also been researching additional non-profits and black-owned businesses and artists we can work with, or feature, in the future.  Guys, it's time to commit to the long haul.  Fixing over 240 years of systematic racism in our country isn't going to happen overnight - so take a deep breath - and keep going. 




Each Earring is crafted with laser cut resin plastic. They are hand assembled and handpainted, you may find slight variations from piece to piece.

Designed by us, in Williamsburg, Virginia!  

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