Amazon Vase Art Glass Sculpture by Kliss Glass

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Amazon Vase

A ruffle-edged blown glass vase in vivid amethyst with contrasting teal interior holds seven unique and fantastical blown glass flowers in this extraordinary sculpture. Overall color scheme of bouquet will be similar while flower shapes and color combinations will vary. Vase is approximately 16 inches tall, signed and dated on bottom.


  • Product Type: Art Glass Sculpture
  • Designer: Bob Kliss and Laurie Kliss

Product Dimension: 26"H x 15"W x 15"D

About Designer

Bob Kliss and Laurie Kliss

"We consider ourselves colorists first and foremost, and are endlessly intrigued by the ability of glass to convey pure colors."

Bob and Laurie Kliss create sculptural blown glass objects with a playful use of color, form, texture, and shape. They take pleasure in each handmade piece they create and strive to enrich the lives of art lovers everywhere.

To begin each piece, the artists assemble the colors and shapes for the base, and fuse the base with secondary color elements. Next, they blow the vessel, continually heating and re-heating the piece up to temperatures of 1000 degrees. They melt and fuse the glass, working with it until it reaches its final desired shape. Then, they apply the brightly colored lip wrap to the vessel's rim, which completes the piece. After cooling, each piece is signed and dated.

Established in 1993, the Kliss's hot glass studio, Kliss Glass, is located in sunny Central California. Both Bob and Laurie studied at Pilchuck Glass School. They have taught and demonstrated their craft at a variety of schools and museums, and have exhibited their work widely throughout the USA.