Jenn Visits Nashville!

Being a music lover, it was hard to believe that Jenn had never visited Nashville! So when one of our favorite jewelry artists, Shari Dixon, was getting married…that was a perfect excuse to visit!

jenn boots

So, she packed up her favorite boots…and OFF she went!

Jennifer Raines Nashville

Robert’s Western World was where it was at!  It was Jenn’s most favorite place for catching live music.  The Silver Threads were awesome!  Eileen Rose did a RIDICULOUSLY good version of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Patsy Cline… and Rich Gilbert melted our faces off with his mad guitar skills!

image (28)

Shari already had local favorite musician, Suzi Orevec lined up to play the wedding…

image (29)

but Jenn’s friend Sammy Lee had relocated to Nashville and stopped by to sing a few songs…

sammy lee nashville

Jenn and Sammy go waaaaaaay back.  Sammy used to play in the old “Kinks, Quirks & Caffeine” store when he was attending school at the College of William & Mary.  Yeah…he’s a bit of a ‘smarty – pants’ :)

image (32)

Being a store-owner, Jenn is a little ‘hard to impress’ sometimes.  But she Looooooooooved this store!  It’s called Two Old Hippies and is located in the Gulch area of Nashville.  Complete with a guitar shop AND permanent performance stage, it was pretty much Jenn’s dream shop :)


This sweet little baby looked just like Jenn’s doggie, Zack who has been guarding our store for nine years.  Her name is Lady Grey.

image (33)

Jenn absolutely could not leave Nashville without picking up a vintage vinyl for her collection.  This was her favorite find – Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits.

image (34)

 All in all, this was a fantastic weekend trip.  Message us with any questions or recommendations for our next visit!

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