Our Spring Garden!!

 image-29 copy 4

Some of you may remember our garden from last year… (If not clock HERE) well we have upgraded!! Our collection of peace poles has expanded! Check out all our options HERE

image-29 copy 6

We even have bath garden poles now! $139

image-29 copy 7

These painted birdhouses have inspirational detail on the roofs!

image-29 copy 8

Tired of the normal bird feeders? Just add seed to this and watch the birds balance to eat!

image-29 copy 9

These cutesy garden picks are perfect for small gardens.

image-29 copy 10

Add a little sparkle to your tree!

image-29 copy 5

Sometimes you want to bring spring inside! These little angels jingle with bells for shoes!

image-29 copy

We are already almost sold out of these $8.95!!


He may be a little “ruff” around the edges, but that’s because he is made of recycled tractor parts!


When giving fresh flowers this year, stick in a plant pick so your special someone can have a keepsake that will last :)

image-29 copy 3

This sturdy birdhouse will last! It’s made Shoestring Creations who custom made our display furniture!! We LOVE it!

New DUG NAP Prints!

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We just got a new shipment of the HILARIOUS Dug Nap prints!


This is Kendra’s favorite! It’s what she tells her kids everyday!

image-29 copy 5

We’ve all been there at one point or another!

image-29 copy

“Be who you will be” in this custom black frame is Kristina’s favorite choice!

image-29 copy 4

…Whether we like it or not!

image-29 copy 2

A perfect print for a summer home!

All prints are $18.50 each! Come in to see the entire collection today!

*NEW* Hotglass Studio Ornaments!


The glassblowing studio is located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont!


They make a full range of original designs including: ornaments, paperweights, perfume bottles, bowls, vases & sculptures.


We love these “Helix” friendship balls! You can really see the swirls of color!


The blown glass ornaments are a beautiful way to add color to your garden!


First they put all the raw materials in a furnace to melt together.


Then they put layer upon layer of molten glass onto the blowing pipe as they shape the piece. They continue to reheat, shape, and relayer the glass on until they get the color and shape they love!!


All ornaments are $27.95! Come and see our display or colors today!!

TRUNK SHOW Jewelry!!

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Natural 29 carat “Blue Diamond” Turquoise from Central Nevada with a blue apatite bead! Suggested retail $290, TRUNK SHOW PRICE $198

image-29 copy 3

Simple paisley hoops are forged and hammered from gold filled wire. The earrings are studded with tiny faceted rondelles and drops, including faceted sapphires, apatite, tourmaline, amethyst, and opal. The center piece is a marquis cut amethyst. $98

image-29 copy 6

Drop pendant with a large faceted smokey or rose quartz focal gem, accented with a small faceted amethyst and sapphire drop on either side. On an 14k gold-filled 18″ chain. $98

image-29 copy 4

Hand forged 14k gold filled wire, wrapped in semi-prescious and precious gemstones. $149

Spiral shaped hoops are forged and hammered from gold filled wire. The earrings are studded with tiny faceted rondelles, including faceted sapphires, apatite, tourmaline, amethyst, serpentine, and opal.

image-29 copy

Natural 30 carat “Blue Diamond” Turquoise surrounded in serpentine beads. Suggested Retail $320, TRUNK SHOW PRICE $198


Daphne Earrings $249

Come in today to see the entire collection!!



How I ‘Unplug’…


Today is the National Day to Unplug.  While on a three-night getaway last weekend to the Sanderling Inn in North Carolina, I was greatly feeling the need to unplug and remove myself from the technological vortex that I live in.

I was so excited to find this s’mores kit waiting for me in the room.

Smores kit

I had to rush right out and enjoy them!

S'mores at The Sanderling Inn

Then enjoyed some of my favorite Microbrew :)

photo 2 (2)

One of my favorite parts of the weekend, was learning to play Backgammon…something that I had never taken the time to do before.

photo 2I practiced on my guitar.  I’m learning “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young.
photo 3

I sat on the beach.photo 4

And watched beautiful sunsets.photo 1

And had a massage AND a manicure.


And took naps (plural).

And met the most amazing resort staff.

And reconnected with my love.

And had an impromptu Oscar party in the resort lobby.

And relaxed.

What I didn’t do was log in to facebook, my blog, my website, make phone calls, or send texts.

It was awesome. I highly recommend it.

Whimsical Wall Art with Fun Phrases!


Whimsical Wall Art perfect for homes, offices, and classrooms…



We’re thrilled to represent this small company of three artisans who toil away in the girliest woodworking shop in America.


 They work close to their kids’ schools and homes so they can put the most important parts of life first.  Isn’t that refreshing?


It started with a classic story. Girl meets Corporation, falls in love with income, benefits and lifestyle, and completely forgets to be true to herself.


Until she fell in love with a human – a really nice guy in fact. And the love of that man changed everything.


Through the good fortune of marriage and motherhood she decided that she couldn’t possibly keep regular business hours… and what she really should do is go to art school.


Which is what she did.  And we’re so glad :)


She dropped the baggage and insecurities that were holding her back.

Isn’t that what we all strive for?

Since that time, She has developed a funny little way of making curiously cut wood signs and wall art that reflects her (and our) love of color. She loves her oil paints, pencils and kneaded erasers, but cannot get enough of wood.


You can create YOUR own piece by choosing the color that best suits you!

spunky fluff color choicesHow could you have a bad morning waking up to this? :)


Getting your favorite lyrics gives a personnel touch to any room in the house!

where you invest your love you invest your life

Whether placed above the bed or in a den, this “Happily Ever After” is a perfect way to make EVERY DAY Valentines day!



**Use this contact form to request the prices and available options for these wonderfully, whimsical pieces of art…


NEW Whimsical Lazy Susan Designs in Stock Now!

Whimsical Lazy Susan Designs in Stock Now!

Our favorite Storysquare artist is back with a new twist! LAZY SUSANS!!

celebrate life whimsical lazy susan

This roomy 18-inch lazy susan is a functional conversation piece. Words are etched by hand directly into the 3/4” thick maple plywood and then hand embellished with paint.

wine is good whimsical lazy susan

Perfect for the wine enthusiast.  Finished with numerous coats of protective semi-gloss finish, so no worry about those wine spills! Note: shipped with wording ”Wine is good” in center. This item is available to be personalized, though…just message us with details.

drinks are on me whimsical lazy susan

Are you starting to see a theme here??

chess board lazy susan

Artwork is reproduced from an original design onto wood. Lettering and lines are etched by hand directly into the wood, giving the piece texture and dimension!

heart swirl lazy susan whimsical

Roomy 18-inch surface is large enough to hold barware and pitchers of drinks. Wipes clean with damp cloth.

life game board whimsical retro lazy susan

Whether you use it to tell your daily fortune — or use it to serve food and beverage — this hand crafted wood lazy susan has a distressed style to add warmth and whimsy to your home. Of course, you can always mount it on the wall as well…and spin for your daily fortune!

whimsical painted game board lazy susan

A fun way to play a game or decorate your table!! This whimsical check board has “You” and “Me” opposite ends!

Check out our website for all available styles!

You Can’t Buy Love, But You Can Buy Handmade :)






You Can’t Buy Love, But You Can Buy Handmade at Quirks of Art - use code TRUELOVE for a 15% discount on our website through Friday, February 21st, 2014:)

You can't buy love, but you can buy handmade


You Can’t Buy Love, But You Can Buy Handmade at Quirks of Art – use code TRUELOVE for a 15% discount on our website through Friday, February 21st, 2014:)

Jenn Visits Nashville!

Being a music lover, it was hard to believe that Jenn had never visited Nashville! So when one of our favorite jewelry artists, Shari Dixon, was getting married…that was a perfect excuse to visit!

jenn boots

So, she packed up her favorite boots…and OFF she went!

Jennifer Raines Nashville

Robert’s Western World was where it was at!  It was Jenn’s most favorite place for catching live music.  The Silver Threads were awesome!  Eileen Rose did a RIDICULOUSLY good version of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Patsy Cline… and Rich Gilbert melted our faces off with his mad guitar skills!

image (28)

Shari already had local favorite musician, Suzi Orevec lined up to play the wedding…

image (29)

but Jenn’s friend Sammy Lee had relocated to Nashville and stopped by to sing a few songs…

sammy lee nashville

Jenn and Sammy go waaaaaaay back.  Sammy used to play in the old “Kinks, Quirks & Caffeine” store when he was attending school at the College of William & Mary.  Yeah…he’s a bit of a ‘smarty – pants’ :)

image (32)

Being a store-owner, Jenn is a little ‘hard to impress’ sometimes.  But she Looooooooooved this store!  It’s called Two Old Hippies and is located in the Gulch area of Nashville.  Complete with a guitar shop AND permanent performance stage, it was pretty much Jenn’s dream shop :)


This sweet little baby looked just like Jenn’s doggie, Zack who has been guarding our store for nine years.  Her name is Lady Grey.

image (33)

Jenn absolutely could not leave Nashville without picking up a vintage vinyl for her collection.  This was her favorite find – Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits.

image (34)

 All in all, this was a fantastic weekend trip.  Message us with any questions or recommendations for our next visit!